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Orienteering is a fun, navigation-based activity suitable for all ages, experience and fitness levels. You don't need any special equipment to come along and give it a try and novices are welcome. There will be friendly helpers at registration at all events to help you out. Most ADHOC events will have a variety of orienteering courses to suit everyone from toddlers to kids to beginners to fit and experienced orienteers.

In 2019 all events will be 'sprint' events which means a Long Course of about 3.5km and a Short Course of about 2km. Competitors start at intervals and visit the checkpoints in numerical order. Electronic timing is used at each checkpoint.

Event Types:

1. Sprint events: larger scale more detailed map, visiting the checkpoints in order. Usually schoolgrounds and parkland

2. Bush events: cross-country navigation with track navigation for the easier courses 

3. Scatter events: urban events where everyone starts at the same time and you can visit the checkpoints in any order

*   Kids' course: a short course for 6-12 year olds, with simple navigation and no road crossings

** String course: a very short (300m) course, where kids under 6 follow a rope between checkpoints

We recommend that you bring:

  • comfortable shoes (sneakers) and suitable clothes for walking or running

  • long trousers or leg protection for bush events (ie Camp Quaranup)

  • water

  • a clear plastic bag to keep your map dry

  • a watch to make sure you are back on time 

  • a compass if you have/want one (they are not essential for ADHOC events)


Please click on the links to the individual events for more information including location, registration times, directions and course details.


Event fees for 2019:

- individuals $5 ($10 non-members)

- juniors $5 

- groups and families $10 ($20 non-members)





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